The Art of Listening 4-Session Pack [Licensed PDF]

The Art of Listening 4-Session Pack [Licensed PDF]

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The Art of Listening 4-Session Pack 
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Take your group, church, or ministry through four sessions of The Art of Listening—one of the most important skills needed for sharing the Gospel in our culture today. Participants will practice and grow in everyday habits that communicate genuine interest and empathy and that lead to clues about how to share the message of Jesus with people around them. 

When you order this 9 Arts Packet, you’ll receive:

  • Four sessions of easy-to-use curriculum that is well-suited for a Sunday school class or a small group AND that just requires a facilitator, not a teacher
  • Practical exercises that help people move from “learning” to “doing”
  • A license to make as many copies as you like for your church, organization, or group

This works great as a fall kick-off or any time you would like to focus on a simple month-long practice that makes all the difference for building relationships that can lead to sharing the Gospel. 

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