Curriculum and Bible study guides for life-changing conversations about God.

About the 9 Arts

"Here are fresh and practical insights into how to engage people in spiritual discussions that are authentic and compelling. It's a must-have guide to becoming stronger salt and brighter light in the 21st century!"

Lee Strobel

"I tell folks that these nine steps absolutely will open up your eyes, your ears and your heart to folks around you."

Jeff, Fellowship of Evangelical Churches Missionary in Spain


"These studies helped my group uncover layers of meaning and insight that astonished us all . . . I began to search the Scriptures not just for intellectual stimulation but in order to find God."

Pastor Tim Keller

"These guides help you think . . . without telling you what to think."

Group Participant

"Whoever writes these questions sure knows how to do it! They are great and totally opened up our discussion."

Group Participant

"This Bible study group has been a sanctuary of discovery, welcome reflection, and surprising satisfaction. Initially I wasn't sure I wanted to discuss Bible stories. However, I am so joyful that I joined for all that I have received in return."

Group Participant

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