9 Arts Complete Guide Licensed PDF (curriculum)

9 Arts Complete Guide Licensed PDF (curriculum)

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Practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Complete Guide Licensed PDF 
36 sessions; 4 for each of the 9 Arts

With a 9 Arts Complete Guide Licensed PDF, you will receive the PDF of the 9 Arts Complete Guide with a license to print what your church or organization needs, as you need it. You have maximum flexibility!

You or your leaders will be able to: 

  • Build a plan that fits your church or organization's unique schedule.
  • Print more copies for visitors and newcomers—at a moment's notice.
  • Focus on specific areas of growth, going deep in topics that will provide the greatest impact

The Complete Guide Licensed PDF provides what you need for intensive practice and growth in skills that will help your people build relationships and engage in natural, unforced conversations about God.

More about the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations and the Complete Guide

Jesus demonstrated a great model for sharing the Good News and making new disciples. If you look closely in New Testament accounts, there are nine ways he interacted with people and made spiritual conversations flow naturally.

The 9 Arts Complete Guide digs deeply into these nine practices of Jesus. With four sessions on each practice, or “art” (36 sessions in all), it’s filled with action steps that you (and your church) can take to practice and master the skills of Noticing, Praying, Listening, Asking Questions, Loving, Welcoming, Facilitating, Serving Together, and Sharing . . . so you can talk about God with anyone.

In Practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Complete Guide you’ll find:

  • Scripture-based content
  • Highly interactive questions
  • Practice activities for small groups
  • Weekly exercises for growth
  • Tips for group facilitators
  • Sample plans for church-wide implementation

Each member of a small group, Sunday school class, discipleship group, ministry, or employee resource group can use this curriculum as a hands-on discussion and practice guide, so everyone in the group can practice, encourage each other, and grow.