The Passion of Jesus [PDF]

The Passion of Jesus [PDF]

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The Passion of Jesus: How One Week Changed the World
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How did Jesus change the world? The final week of Jesus’ life is often called “Passion Week,” and people throughout the world still focus on the events of that week as an annual observance. But what is the significance of the words, actions, and passion of Jesus? Did one week really change the world?

The Passion of Jesus: How One Week Changed the World will give your group a chance to see what Jesus himself said about religious observances and then to examine crucial events that occurred from Palm Sunday through Easter. This 6-week study is meaningful during Lent, and it can be used any time of the year to deepen your group's understanding of the purpose of Jesus’ life and to contemplate what that means to each of you. (Formerly, this discussion guide was called Lenten Studies.)

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Authors: Marilyn Kunz & Catherine Schell

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