Romans [PDF with license]

Romans [PDF with license]

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Romans: A Reasoned Faith
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How good do you have to be? What does faith–and Jesus–have to do with it? What’s the long-term impact of all of this? The book of Romans walks through eternally significant questions. Like a lawyer in a courtroom, the apostle Paul lays out facts, addresses objections, and presents a solid defense for the need and the way to be right with God. Then Paul shifts his tone and writes as an older brother showing how to walk in step with God’s design. When you have studied Mark, Acts, and Genesis, Romans: A Reasoned Faith will help you put all the pieces together. In fact, you’ll be able to see the core message of the whole Bible. If you have studied Romans before, this study will open up new layers of insight; there is always more to discover!

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Author: Marilyn Kunz & Catherine Schell

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