9 Arts Church Leader Pack

9 Arts Church Leader Pack

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The 9 Arts Church Leader Pack

Do you want your church to be directly involved in helping people come to know Jesus? In today's world, if you want to make new disciples of Jesus, you have to start with everyday relationships and ordinary conversations.  

The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations are practices modeled by Jesus that lead to conversations and relationships. These practices will help your church members stop thinking about evangelism as an awkward, unlikely “should” and start seeing conversations about God as a doable and exciting everyday reality. 

How can you bring the 9 Arts to your church? 

The 9 Arts Church Leader Pack has everything you need to get the full picture of the 9 Arts in your own church: 

  • The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations book ($9.99 value)
    Read and understand the 9 Arts

  • 9 Arts Primer curriculum for small groups ($13.99 value)
    Launch in your small groups to practice and grow in the 9 Arts

  • 9 Arts Church Leader Workshop Registration* ($20 value)
    Get all of the facts you need to set 9 Arts plans in your own church. (You'll receive a link and a coupon code for free registration for you and up to two others.)
Plus, Digital Samples of:
  • 9 Arts Complete Guide curriculum
  • 9 Arts Sermon Kit

With this leader pack, you can see how the 9 Arts practices would benefit your church, preview the hands-on curriculum, and survey all of the resources so you can set plans for the greatest impact.