The Art of Asking Questions 4-Session Pack [Licensed PDF]

The Art of Asking Questions 4-Session Pack [Licensed PDF]

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The Art of Asking Questions 4-Session Pack 
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Take your group, church, or ministry through four sessions of The Art of Asking Questions to help Christians grow in this important evangelism practice. Seeking to understand more than to be understood, and letting genuine curiosity take the lead are the keys to helping others along on their faith journey. 

When you order this 9 Arts Packet, you’ll receive:

  • Four sessions of easy-to-use curriculum that is well-suited for a Sunday school class or a small group AND that just requires a facilitator, not a teacher
  • Practical exercises that help people move from “learning” to “doing”
  • A license to make as many copies as you like for your church, organization, or group

This works great any time you would like to focus on a simple month-long practice that makes all the difference for building relationships that can lead to sharing the Gospel. 

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