Q Place Coaching

Q Place Coaching

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Learn how to start and facilitate your own group for spiritual seekers! 

Q Place Coaching will prepare you to start and lead a group where people around you can process what they believe and see the message of the Bible for themselves.

After you purchase your registration, we will send you an email with a form to complete your registration by choosing from our four fall groups: 

Fall I: Sep-Oct
9/14-10/26, Mondays, 7 PM CT
9/17-10/29, Thursdays, 1 PM CT

Fall II: Oct-Dec
10/28-12/16, Wednesdays, 12 PM CT
11/2-12/14, Mondays, 7 PM CT

Sign up today at our introductory pricing. Register with others, and you all save! (Please enter their names in the Notes section of our shopping cart.) You will receive an email so you can all complete your registrations.

Introductory Pricing*
1 Participant: $59
2 Participants: $89
3 Participants: $99 

After completing your registration, you will receive:

  • How to Start a Q Place (PDF format) 
  • 7 weeks of online** training with experienced Q Place group facilitators
  • Ongoing support and encouragement as you invite friends and start your own group

* Please contact us at info@qplace.com if you would like to come to Q Place Coaching but are not in a position to cover the full registration fee. Generous donors make scholarships available, and we don't want lack of funds to hold you back.

** Coaching groups meet by Zoom. You will need access to a computer with video and audio in a quiet location with reliable internet service.