Q Place Coaching

Q Place Coaching

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Learn how to start and facilitate your own group for spiritual seekers!

Introductory Pricing*
Coaching for 1: $59
Coaching for 2: $89
Coaching for 3: $99 

Extra Value Opportunity! Sign up 1 or 2 Christian friends who could start a group with you. (We will send you a follow-up email that you can forward to them so they can enter their names and contact information.)

Q Place Coaching will prepare you to start and lead a group where people around you can process what they believe and see the message of the Bible for themselves.

With your Q Place Coaching registration, you will receive:

  • How to Start a Q Place (PDF format)
  • 7 weeks of online** training with experienced Q Place group facilitators
  • Ongoing support and encouragement as you invite friends and start your own group

Watch and share this recorded webinar to understand what a Q Place group is all about. 

* Please contact us if you would like to come to Q Place Coaching but are not in a position to cover the registration fee. Generous donors have made scholarship funding available, and we want every Christian to be equipped to start a group.

** Coaching groups meet by Zoom. You will need access to a computer with video and audio in a quiet location with reliable internet service.