9 Arts Sermon Kit Limited License Agreement

Church/Organization License Agreement for the 9 ARTS SERMON KIT 

This Terms and Conditions document covers the access and use of the 9 ARTS SERMON KIT. Use of the materials in this package legally binds the organization to the terms of this limited license agreement. By honoring the terms of this license, you enable the ministry of Q Place to continue.

  1. INTRODUCTION. Q Place grants to the church or other ministry organization (the “Organization”) that purchased the Sermon Kit a limited license to use Q Place’s proprietary Content and Trademarks (as defined below) strictly as set forth in this agreement (the “Agreement”) to facilitate the Organization’s adaptation and use of one or more 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations messages (the “9 Arts Series”) into the Organization’s own messages or series of messages (the “Organization Messages”) to be delivered to its membership and/or attendees but not to be sold.
  1. RIGHTS INCLUDED. The Sermon Kit includes message outlines and manuscripts, video content, graphic designs, images, and/or other copyrighted content (collectively, “Content”) and trademarks, logos, and brands (collectively, “Trademarks”) related to Q Place’s 9 Arts Series. This license does not permit any use of other Q Place trademarks, logos, brands or copyrighted content other than that included in the 9 Arts Sermon Kit which is strictly limited to the 9 Arts series.
  1. LIMITED LICENSE. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Q Place grants to the Organization a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free license during the Term to adapt ideas, outlines, and other Content to create the Organization Messages, to reproduce, display, and perform other components of the Content in the Organization Messages, and to reproduce and display the Trademarks (in accordance with trademark usage guidelines communicated by Q Place from time to time) only as reasonably necessary to perform, display, and promote the Organization Messages.

    The Organization Messages may be performed solely to the organization’s membership, on the Organization’s premises, and on the Organization’s corporate website. The Organization may stream said recordings from its website but may not podcast the messages or distribute the recordings outside of the Organization’s premises or membership or sell the recordings in any way.   

    The Organization agrees not to use any Trademark or Content in, on, or associated with any for-sale products or services. The Organization agrees not to alter the Trademarks or the Content without prior written approval from Q Place, provided, however, that the Organization may adapt, reorganize, and otherwise edit the outline and content of the Organization Messages to make them their own while maintaining theological and Biblical consistency with the Content of the 9 Arts Series and adherence to the historic creeds and confessions of the Christian faith including the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. The Organization agrees to maintain a high level of integrity, quality, and Biblical consistency in the Organization Messages. The Organization acknowledges that representatives of Q Place may, on reasonable notice, inspect any use of the Content or Trademarks to confirm conformance with these standards.
  1. NO SUBLICENSE OR ASSIGNMENT. The license granted by this Agreement does not permit the Organization to license or share the Trademarks or the Content to or with, or to assign this Agreement to, any other person or organization without the prior written approval of Q Place. Any attempted sublicense or assignment without such approval is null and void and constitutes a material breach of this Agreement.
  1. TERM. The “Term” is five years from the date of purchase.
  1. TERMINATION. Q Place reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time with no refund in the event of the Organization’s breach of any term of this Agreement. Additionally, Q Place reserves the right at any time to terminate the license to a specific Trademark or component of Content with a pro-rata refund to the Organization in the event Q Place discovers that a Trademark or component of Content infringes upon the rights of any third party.