Level 1: New to the Bible

Q Place Bible study guides “help you think without telling you what to think.”

These discussion guides give you questions that lead to closer observation, insightful discussion, deeper reflection, and rich discoveries that apply to life. Level 1 Bible studies provide an entry point for those who are new to the Bible. Level 2 and Level 3 studies cover books and topics that build strongly on that foundation. At every level, group members with varying degrees of spiritual maturity make discoveries and grow as they use these guides to discuss the Bible.
“When I started in our group using these discussion guides, I was surprised that we would read the passages and we would all talk about what it might mean and how it might apply to us. There wasn’t just one person telling us this is what it means, and this is how we should beFinally, I was able to study the Bible, ask all my questions and be myself!! I was able to be honest about who I am and what I honestly believe, and no one was implying that I didn’t belong. I stayed. I learned more. This group brought Jesus into my life.”
- Q Place participant in San Jose, CA
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