Where to Start with Q Place Bible Study Guides

Are you starting a group with people who are new to the Bible?

Starting point options:

Start with Level 1 Bible Discussion Guides.

  1. Mark: Discover Jesus will give your group a complete, concise account of the life of Jesus. 
  2. Conversations with Jesus or They Met Jesus will give your group a shorter starting point option. Groups that start in the spring often find this to be a good option, and then they move to the study in Mark in the fall.
  3. The Passion of Jesus is a great starting point leading up to Easter.
  4. Genesis can be a starting point that works well for people from Jewish or Muslim backgrounds. 

“Q Place Bible Study Guides by Level” lists the books by level and includes the number of discussions in each guide.

Do you have a group with more Bible study experience?


Is your group not ready for the Bible?